Mary June Baguio

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Hey there!:3
It's me, "MJ!"

~ A Daughter, a Sister, a Lover, a full time Friend and an Artist.
~► Music is my ultimate friend♪. Piano is my instrument. Badminton is my sport. Photography captures my interest.Cats and Dogs are my pets. Prayer is my remedy in life.
PS: "Make me smile and be my Friend, I'll be glad!♥


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Rhiley Jasselvon McKinley

Just the fact that we don’t know our due date on death…should be enough motivation to live everyday to your highest potential. #Instaquote #selfie #tuesday #peoplepower may #work kami ya..teeehee?! Kiz.a nami mangin estudyante kung holidays ah..ahaha! Tni sbng wla ko ya klase..toinkz!

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